Truth and the lies

In the end, Isn't it just about the truth and the lies? The truth hidden, And the lies spoken aloud. For some an escape, For some a prison of their own thoughts and guilt? But is it so easy to draw a line, Between all those truth and lies, All mixed up in our hearts … Continue reading Truth and the lies

Death smells of lilies

The abandoned cycle speaks of many stories but my favourite one is as sad as it is gory the little girl who fell to her death, wrapped up in a little white dress, pushed off the construction site, her scream lingering long after her demise. The walls crumbled to grieve their short-lived guest and the … Continue reading Death smells of lilies


They came, They came and saw you. They came from a tour in search of someone, To release them from bondage, Trapped in a jaula of life. They came and loved you, Wait..Did they? A callous man, full of peccancies, Trying to caper with your innocence, Knowing that one day.. One day he will make … Continue reading Dog