कहाँ से आए थे और कहाँ तक जाएँगे... ज़िन्दगी के इस सफ़र में कितने दिलो में हम बस जाएँगे। ये दुनिया तो बस एक तमाशा है और हम इसके रंग में ही रंग जायेंगे... आए थे रोते हुए और रुला कर चले जाएँगे। हर रास्ते पर मिलेंगे तुम्हे कई राही लिख रहे होंगे वो भी … Continue reading ज़िंदगी


It's okay to wander sometimes when you feel lost. It's okay to cry when your eyes can no longer bare the pain. Within your mind are the thoughts battling to take the front seat. When your heart sings the song of your destiny in a language unknown, it's the time for your eyes to comprehend … Continue reading Thoughts

Through the worst, I will take you to the best

Expectations, expectations everywhere in my mind. Wishes, desires, dreams constitute major part of my life. My mind wanders for people who can never be mine. My soul weeps through my eyes. But, then almighty reminds me everytime, `You are my star, rise and shine. I am preparing you for the things you deserve, It`s just … Continue reading Through the worst, I will take you to the best