One more light

Most of us would unanimously agree to have had a Linkin Park phase in our lives, at some point or the other. For some it ended, as they moved on to different genres of music. For others, their music playlist is still stuck in a monotonous shuffle of LP tracks. As long as my memory … Continue reading One more light

Unanswered questions

Very often, I find myself hovering over your thoughts in my mind. The very first time you crossed my mind, with a smile so perfect it could put the finest piece of art to shame. Eyes so beautiful that even lotus buds can't match them. And that nose. And those lips, those pink thin lips … Continue reading Unanswered questions


With a broken wing, blood pouring out of the little things breast, the lifeless warbler descended down. Gone were her flying days, her beak still half-open, wishing it could bid one last goodbye to the mighty wind and the fellow clouds. The hunter rejoiced as he finally hit his target after six failed attempts. The … Continue reading Uncaged