Unanswered questions

Very often, I find myself hovering over your thoughts in my mind. The very first time you crossed my mind, with a smile so perfect it could put the finest piece of art to shame. Eyes so beautiful that even lotus buds can't match them. And that nose. And those lips, those pink thin lips … Continue reading Unanswered questions

Old Man

This one is for my old man. No, I do not drop the ball now; I can ride my bike without assistance. I would soon be a procreator myself. I am mature enough, got all my licenses, the decisions I make need no prior permissions. I may become a successful person soon, but I would … Continue reading Old Man


Before you read this, plug in your earphones and play, Coming Home by Skylar Grey. Doing so, will certainly add to your experience of reading the following passage. Do you think anything will ever make us feel like home again? The monotonous life at home, the growing disparities with our parents, as a repercussion of … Continue reading Homecoming