Twenty years ago,
A boy came into our lives.
While standing in the middle of that great hall,
Had we imagined that we would be having our forever- always?
Looking just like his father but had his mother’s eyes,
Maybe he was the chosen one,
Something that people would call him in the later years,
But for now he was just a boy with a scar,
Coming to the world of magic,
Through the Hogwarts express and then the great hall.
Sorted to the house of braves,
Where once his family (unknown to him) belonged.
Sitting there, on that Gryffidore table, his new family he found.
The trio was made,
And oh indeed golden it was!
Loyalty and friendship and love they taught us.
What else would you call magic as?
It was a beginning,
And in the years that came after,
We came to know many a loyal friends,
And the good hidden behind the evil.
We saw how the light triumphed over the dark,
And how our dreams could come true.
Even if we lost many loved ones,
A lifetime of memories, and experiences and people we found.
The purest of hearts,
Protected by the ones who loved him.
Be it his father who tried to stall the dark lord,
Or his mother, who died for his sake.
Best friend of his, as brave as the knight that he represented,
Or the most intelligent witch of their time, using her wit and knowledge,
But in the end, it was him,
Facing a beginning or maybe an end,
Whatever it was,
We learned,
“Books! Cleverness! There are more important things — friendship and bravery.”
– Dikshita Jha
( Dikshita )
Photograph by Alwina Kathuria.



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