In the end,
Isn’t it just about the truth and the lies?
The truth hidden,
And the lies spoken aloud.
For some an escape,
For some a prison of their own thoughts and guilt?
But is it so easy to draw a line,
Between all those truth and lies,
All mixed up in our hearts and mind?
The lies sounding so real,
And the truth so unreal.
Hard to believe,
Hard to perceive.
But still hope in our hearts,
That the truth will triumph over the lies.
You think you know,
But do you?
The closer you come,
The less you see.
For its hard to believe,
When something or someone,
Comes out to be different from what you thought to be.
But mind you, you thought you knew.
But, really did you?
So if you choose to come near,
Let me warn you.
The truth you thought you knew,
The lies you heard,
Everything is going to turn upside down.
For it’s a labyrinth,
A beautiful one too.
But if you aren’t ready,
Ready for the silent beach to turn,
Turn into the stormy sea.
If you aren’t ready,
Ready for the black to turn white,
Or from white to black.
If you aren’t ready
Ready for the greys of the world,
Or the world’s hues to shimmer and shine.
If you aren’t ready to believe…..
Believe me darling
It will engulf you,
Those truth and lies.
And trust me,
This time,
You won’t be able to hide.
-Dikshita Jha

( Dikshita )


Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.


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