It dwells inside, the biting fear,

Spreading, growing, with every withheld tear,

Suppressing voices that would rebel,

The battle was lost once all swords fell,

Winter’s come in the spring of life,

Snow’s turned scarlet but nothing stops the strife,

Dead is the ground beneath the steely sky,

And yet I walk I know not why,

Disappointment, Failure, say the banners that stand,

As I tread on these forgotten sands,

I once looked up to pray on bent knees,

But oh dear lord! I am no longer me,

The wind blows again with a familiar rant,

A reminiscent of what I couldn’t do, of what I can’t,

Sun’s beating down yet I feel so cold,

The reins of fate are back in Fear’s hold,

I have just scratched the surface to the abyss of my vice,

Blood was long gone, what flows within is just ice.



– Shreyas Joshi

( Shy )


Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.


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