It’s okay to wander sometimes when you feel lost.
It’s okay to cry when your eyes can no longer bare the pain.
Within your mind are the thoughts battling to take the front seat.
When your heart sings the song of your destiny in a language unknown, it’s the time for your eyes to comprehend the known.
Universe doesn’t work the way you want, my dear.
You are just a soul wandering in this wicked world in search of the truth.
But, your mind is trying so hard to rule the world.

You expect a lot from this world, but it gives you only little.
Not because you don’t worth it, but because you deserve something better than what you are wishing for.
Have Faith. Believe in Yourself. Follow your Curiosity.


– Kanishka Soni

( Unfathomable Wanderer )


Photo by Alwina Kathuria.


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