Why is it that the stories
That affect us the most are
Of unhappy lovers
Of unsuccessful adventures
Of misery
Of death;
We do relate the most
To tragic endings,
We do yearn the most
For hope and heroes
We do look forward
To new beginnings
We do root for
Characters who are like us
Who are us
Or are somebody we know
Somebody we wish would stay,
Would have stayed,
Would leave in a flash but don’t;
But our will does not dictate the universe
We cannot contact the author of our woes
We cannot ask for a better writer –
We can, we do, we keep doing it
Until we realize how incompetent
Our writer really is –
At least, I have:
The writer of my story is
A mindless idiot;
And, further, I have accepted
That, since, I, too, am a character
In a story
Of goings and comings
I’d rather just keep moving as well.


– Shubham Alphonze Mamgain


Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.


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