This one is for my old man.
No, I do not drop the ball now; I can ride my bike without assistance. I would soon be a procreator myself. I am mature enough, got all my licenses, the decisions I make need no prior permissions. I may become a successful person soon, but I would sure miss the motivating pat on the back every now and then…….
You know how Mom would get squeamish even at the slightest scuff I would incur on my elbow while playing. However, you would put a Band-Aid and send me back again. I still remember how asked me to drive the car all by myself even when I was still a greenhorn at driving. Moreover, you sat beside me, all relaxed. I still remember you playing cricket with me, when I was all alone and none of my friends made it to the ground on the rainy evening. Not to mention, the little anecdotes you used to recite from your childhood in order to acquaint me with the harsh life. Back then, you used to reprimand me at the slightest mistakes. Well, you were trying your best to make a good man out of me. You were making me learn life, the harder way. Your presence at home acted as a scarecrow enough to shoo away the evil. The sense of security I used to inevitably experience seems lacking somewhere now. Whenever life throws me down, I look for your hand to pick me up, a fight breaks down with someone, I look for your tag team support. Whenever I find myself in a precarious situation, I look for your charm to disarm the harm. No wonder how much secure I may feel, imagining you here with me, the truth is you are gone…………
Also, a Happy Fathers Day to you old man. I still remember how you were all crazy about these cricket matches, especially the India-Pakistan ones. Well, we have one today. Hence, I would watch it, with the empty chair beside me, would bring the eatables, and probably eat up your share too. Would jump alone on the sixes and fours, would sit calm and pray whenever a wicket falls. Our team would probably win. So come, we would celebrate the win, just like the old times……


– Vaibhav Lohia

( Monster )


Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.


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