Strong and confident
Standing like a tree
Held by my roots
Yet in my mind free
Neither of the ground
Nor of the blue skies
I am the keeper
Of what in between lies
I die a thousand deaths
Battered by love and hate
In God I firmly believe
Yet I write my own fate
A dry summer or two
Does break my heart
But for new leaves to come
The dead one’s need to depart
Growing with support,the loss of it bothered
But it gave me a stronger spine
With it came the realisation
I have only myself to call mine
I love the refreshing rains
But also the scalding heat
For victory tastes sweeter
When you first taste defeat
I know it won’t always be
My dawn or my day
But through all hardship
Smiling I shall stay
Grateful I am for now
Hopeful for what lies ahead
Living, each day to the fullest
Loving,each day till I am dead.
– Aayush Khar
( Optimistake )
Photo taken by Abhinavanand Singh.

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