Once there lived a boy
Who couldn’t open up.
Closed within the shells
Made up of social atoms,
He never fully grieved,
He couldn’t express his joy.
He never imagined being free,
He talked to himself or his
Favourite tree. But once in front
Of another human, he did
Pause, he did fumble. He didn’t
Have the confidence to face
The other face. No way.
His life flowed like a silent stream.
One that exists, but no one knows.
Even you got to know of him
When you started this poem.
All of it existing, but within a dream,
Which you once saw, but can’t show.
Then came a bird in his life,
That showed him that there was
A land hovering above his land.
The bird stooped low to kiss
The stream’s soul, and to make
It look up at the sky-land.
She was a blooming day,
The bizzare sprinkle of monsoon.
She was a vivacious kid,
Who lived in her multi-tone dreams.
She was catalyst to your
Beating heart, which ran faster.
A face so bright, it could’ve lighted
A darkness-filled stream.
His new discovery soon became
His one and only friend.
For here he didn’t have to make
An effort to befriend her.
It happened on its own accord.
Maybe his new governess
was an angel, of whom he had
Heard on a bleak, dim day.
She broke open the rusted lock,
The bond that was weak, but
Strong enough to not let
Another bond form.
But she had let a new light
Plough his dark fields.
She knew very well, what
Such an effort yields.
A warmer drop had fallen
On the surface of chills.
An animated atom included
In the world made of stills.
She changed him, pulled him out
And made the quiet alive.
It’s been twenty one years
Since I stepped in this world.
And I yet haven’t met someone
Like that lady, who was a little
Elder than me, and a lot wiser.
Spending all the love, but in
Telling her sadness, a miser.
She rescued my drowning soul,
And filled me with her positivity.
It is because of her that today
I’m wed with the happiness of life.
– Abhinavanand Singh
( #TheHummingPoet )
Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.

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