You drained your heart and sipped those sorrows, While she breathed love and waited for the morrow. - Muskan Pradhan ( Ray ) Photograph by Alwina Kathuria.  



With a broken wing, blood pouring out of the little things breast, the lifeless warbler descended down. Gone were her flying days, her beak still half-open, wishing it could bid one last goodbye to the mighty wind and the fellow clouds. The hunter rejoiced as he finally hit his target after six failed attempts. The … Continue reading Uncaged


एक अलग बात होती है उन कमरों में जो काफ़ी समय बाद खोले जाते हैं एक भीनी महक होती है उनमें कुछ अलग सी समझा भी नहीं सकती और धूल की एक पतली चादर से ढ़के मिलते हैं खोलने पर बिलकुल उस दिल की तरह जो अरसों बाद खुला हो। - Srishti Garg ( क़तरा … Continue reading धूल