Have you seen,

sordid frames

Creep into childhood spaces;

Have you seen

Shadows sulking behind smiling faces?

Have you noticed your shadow

On the marbled floor, undeterred,

Like stained childhood memories?

Have you seen

How vague are your contours

When they touch someone else’s?

Have you seen them suffocating

In the darkness?

How exact, how vague, how unwarranted?

Do they lie or explain yourself?

Do you feel burdened,

Carrying the heaving weight

Beside you in the remotest of corners;

In unheard-of-roads;

Which become you so intimately?

Would you feel lighter

If it goes away,

Like exhaling you worries

In the smoke of a cigarette

Or devoid of something,

Like the deprived joy of childhood?

– Sanchayan Joarder

 ( Space Lion )

Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.



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