A stranger steps down a lofty hill,
Enveloped in cloak of secrecy, conquering peril
Sneaks entre in my heart
I stand still , snubbing snowflakes from heaven as they depart
His thumping beats sing a song thrush
Breaking monotony of a sombre saga
We nailed our hands together , I confess
He was my prince , I am his princess
In nameless ecstasy vanished my solemn fear
With every single breath , I felt him right here
Love came like a thief crouching in
Blinded mind graced my face with puerile grin
The sun radiated pomply , greener grew the hay
Until came a bleak and sacrificial day
Faith dawn with dawning day , sole hope on the Oracle of God
My cold heart secretly sobs , withered on the sod
Strangely apart but strangely together
Destiny played havoc , my world got shattered
Lost in doom obscurity , I feel a sudden light
I look above to see a starless sky and that is when I realized
It’s not the light of the stars but ‘ours’ :
Just his and mine !


– Vinita Upadhyay

( Vinita )


Photograph by Alwina Kathuria.PhotoGrid_1494272299583.jpg


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