You say I’m a child but…
I know what pain is
and how deep it cuts in
I know what it is like to hurt
and to be hurt
I know how it feels not being able to sleep
When the night haunts and creep
I know when crying doesn’t help
And the atrocities never dealt
I know what is it like to have a heavy heart
and heavy head
I know what hate is
and what is love
I know what it is to despise self
I know…
I’ve been at the edge
Of life and death
I know of patience I’ve waited,
Waited for something which never existed
I know I’m imperfect
But i don’t cheat, lie or disrespect
I know days and nights change
For when happiness begins to fade
Yes I know and no, you do not understand
You see the flawless lovely skin
But it is a layer
To cover the heinous sins
The scars lie underneath
Where the light is dim
– Vanshika Malhotra
( Vista Phoenix )
Photograph by Alwina Kathuria.PhotoGrid_1493922555464.jpg

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