Let the sun shine brighter in this dark world of reality.

For the sun hides the secrets which only the storm can reveal.

And, the storm hides the pain which only the sun can feel.

Life is like a pendulum. It oscillates between happiness and sadness.

But, in between what we experience is called `life`.

Nothing is permanent, but everything is vital for us.

You are where you are destined to be.

And, your destiny will take where you never thought you could be.

Feel the beauty of your `destiny` and you will realize how blessed you are.

For the storm will create the `real you` and the sun will polish you.


Always remember, life happens to those who are strong enough to accept the reality.


– Kanishka Soni

( Unfathomable Wanderer )


Photograph by Alwina Kathuria.1492329681523_1.jpg


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