That little drop sliding down
Stirs memories
Of the past
And I lay awake
Remembering that day,
That night
And I clench my stomach tight.
I don’t utter a word,
Just look
And keep looking
Till that drop slides down.
For it was a night,
A night I can’t forget.
But do I want to?
That glass of wine
Lay beside.
That blanket fallen down,
The lights all dim,
The crazy wind,
And the lightning wild,
Just like that particular night!
As if it was playing on a loop.
Like the song
You get addicted to.
Trying to hold on,
Trying to move on,
Trying to staying in between.
In between the thoughts,
That stirred in my mind
When I saw that drop slide down.
Should I touch it?
Should I change it’s course?
Should I let it slide?
Should I mind?
Mind that the thought even came to me.
Not of the wind,
Not of the droplet,
Not of the song,
But thinking of that night,
Was it wrong?
Wrong to think about what happened.
What passed that night.
What I thought in my mind.
How I felt!
How that ice melt,
(as the time passed)
That laid beside me,
With that particular glass of wine.
I could say it was all mine!
Or i could just wait for the time
To pass;
To rust;
Just like that staircase
That no one tread.
And I could let the drop fall!
And no one would know,
What happened that night.
That sight laying forgotten.
Just alive,
On the verge,
In my mind.
Whatever happened that night,
That particular night!
-Dikshita Jha


Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.PhotoGrid_1493581128779.jpg


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