have you noticed how
light travels, from one
corner of your eyes to
another, with the ease
of the star-studded
dupattas of the umraos
who once reigned, in
the facades of display
of the Awadh court?
have you noticed how
it falls, and envelopes
your darkening body,
engulfing it in warmth,
like a blanket sways,
onto your aching fingers
and joints, on a chilly
winter day? have you
noticed the flicker and
stay and flicker and stay
of the candle flame and
hasn’t it reminded you
of your journey back to
home on those nights
of when you’d trace,
roads and highways
in whisky glasses and
the fiery amber haze,
of the liquid contained
inside those ageing
atlases? have you paid
heed to how far you’ve
come, from the lasting
open fields, and yet,
the halogen lamps
of billboards and night
stands, shine their best
to bring to you, the stars
you’ve left behind.


– Dhruv Trehan


Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.PhotoGrid_1493580892892.jpg


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