And the wind blows… He struggles past the onslaught. He feels like giving in, letting himself be blown away into oblivion. The turmoil he faces is nothing compared to the prize, he thinks. That light- radiating heat and screeching joy-claws at him, trying to pull him closer. He can’t feel his hands and legs but thinks of the safe haven he hopes for at the end of the line. But instead he finds another current that sets him back a few metres. For him, it is miles and miles. He thinks of the light again and knows it is dark but doesn’t have the guts to let himself fly away. He wishes someone would just push him down and away so that he doesn’t have to do it. He wishes it every moment he tries…


– Vedant Singh

( Vent )


Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.PhotoGrid_1493491666956.jpg


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