It was a dark night
My anxiety raged within
I felt a pain inside
Somehwhat deeper than skin
I sat by the sea
To think,percieve and feel
The tide moved on
But didn’t turn time’s wheel
I was awaiting something
A revelation had to arrive
I was tired of mere living
I now wanted to be alive
The sea moved languid
Caressing my aching head
I felt an inner voice saying
Live for you are not dead
The breeze blew strong
Taking my anxiety away
Maybe my night had ended
To welcome a beautiful day
It dawned upon me suddenly
That the night was never there
It was me who had closed eyes
For they had seen only despair
The sea had now receded
The moon took away the tide
The sun beamed on the land
But for me it shone inside.
– Aayush Khar
( Optimistake )
Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.IMG_20170430_003805.jpg

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