“What’re you doing?”
“What do you think I am doing?
“In the afternoon? Come one, you can do better.”
“Err… sun-gazing?”
“I don’t know whether you can see my antennae quiver from my efforts to resist punching your pretty exoskeleton.”
“I give up. What are you doing then?”
“Playing dead.”
“Why would you do that?”
“It’d be difficult explaining it to a layroach but I’ll try my best. Riddle me this, Roachester: what do you do when a bear comes for your life?”
“Crawl away.”
“Please, let my faith in cockroachity be regained. You can do better; this I believe from the cockles of my Dorsal Blood Vessel. Guess again.”
“Err… F-fly?”
“Ugh! Would you want to kill the poor chap of a heart-attack? That won’t do, that won’t do.”
“Then what do you do when a bear comes for your life, oh It-Which-Plays-Dead?”
“What I told you already: Play dead.”
“Ah, thank you for subjecting my compound eyes to the light of knowledge, o great one.”
“Hah! It has been my pleasure educating you.”
“And, and, won’t you solve another problem of mine?”
“I always try my best. What is it?”
“What do you do when a human comes after you?”
“That’s a no brainer, buggy: Fly. Definitely fly.”

– Shubham Alphonze Mamgain

Photograph by Abhinavanand Singh.PhotoGrid_1493405912093.jpg


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